Woodworking is good for your programming

July 31, 2015

Because we, programmers, can easily forget what life looks like IRL, we, programmers, should try some analogic activities. I'm currently trying woodworking.

Here's the few "tips" I've been remembered so far.


You need some 1x2's or a specific plywood sheet ? Too bad, there are out of stock.

When programming, there can't really be any shortage, can it ? What about electricity and/or internet ? Yeah, I know, you are certainly living in a big city where those are a given but it doesn't change the fact that without them, you are helpless.

You can cut only once

There is no git inside your circular saw. I've tried and cried over it. How would we code if you couldn't command-Z ?

And if you have too much of those errors, the previous point may apply when you go to the shop.

Nothing is flat. Nor perpendicular.

Hey, what did you expect ? That you were a CNC ? Or that your house was built with swiss watchmaker's precision. Nope.

Having a clean base to work on (clean code, documentation) is clearly a big asset. We should think of the next programmer. Even more if we are this next programmer.

So ?

This is really frustrating, and at the same time, very rewarding. Maybe a pic for the next post.