iPhone 6 Plus, so far so good

September 20, 2014

So here they are. We received our iPhone 6 and our iPhone 6 Plus.

The 6 Plus is huge. Really huge. Even if I do both iOS and Android development, my day-to-day platform is iOS thus my main iPhone is a 5S and my Android device is a Nexus 5. Both feel tiny compared to the 6 Plus. Of course, the 6 Plus isn't that spectacular compared to Android or WindowsPhone juggernauts (the Note 4 or the Lumia 1520) but it's a whole new class of devices for the iOS world.

And the good news is that from day one, PagesJaunes had a nice rendering on those two new phones. Thanks to our great developers' rigors to ship robust code and Apple's munificence to give a good scaling engine, we can work on enhancement for those specifics phone lighthearted.

The double-tap on the Home button is nice but more useful on the 6 than the 6 Plus as the Plus is so big that using it with one hand only will certainly be a challenge for regular-sized people.

The start of a new iPhone is still a breeze (if you have a good connectivity) and after a few hundred of Mb down the network, I had the exact apps content on the Plus.

The question is now: will enough people buy the new iPhone (or even the 5S or the 5C still available) so that we can drop support for iOS 6 sooner than later ? ;)