The golden cogs

June 14, 2011

<!--:en-->There's a thing that stroke me more than anything else from the WWDC 2011: we, as iOS programmers, are golden cogs. Our programming skills are the cogs and Apple gives us the gold glaze. Call me a boaster but I'm proud to be an iOS programmer. Part because I've been using Macs since I'm 6, part because it's the most elegant OS right now.

Ok, I don't know every single OS and each one of you thinks “his” OS is the best (you know, mum and her baby...). Hey, let's say learning WP7 (yeah, you read it right: WP7, not Android) will be on my todo list for the end of 2011.

But the point is this single sentence: Apple is making iOS developpers proud and happy to make iOS apps. From that, you can expect quality self-requirement that will blast through the top.

And that is priceless