Less invasive social networks

August 27, 2011

I have a bit of a complex: I despise as much SN that I love them. Really. There is the same amount of wonderful discoveries than pitiful slacking. And I'm an SN addict. I checked FB, G+, TW, 4SQ many (many) times a day.

Oh, I tried many severals things: monitoring the time spent, the dns hack to prevent hanging around during work hours (problem is I work any time of the day), closing my FB account (for nearly one month, thank you for your applause), using SN breaks as a reward. In the end, I just need to know that you ate an apple, that your cat is so kawai and that your ex is now dating this asshole.

It is so meaningless that it becomes refreshing. Like a little joke during a heavy duty work meeting.

Nevertheless, I need to cancel this dependency. First because I hate being an addict. Second because on top of that, I'm a internet addict. When I'm doing nothing, I open my RSS reader. Sometimes there 15 new items, sometimes 150. I read. And nothing else matter.

Maybe I should socialize more IRL to cancel any rising need for your timeline. And because I am as friendly as a hedgehog in a bad mood can be, I guess I'll stick with you and your cat.