DroidCon 2014 from an iOS developer's perspective

September 22, 2014

With Alejo, Cheng, Cyril, Gabriel, Pascal and Hien-Thuan, we went to the DroidCon 2014.

A very nice conference with a lot of interesting talks. GG to the organizers and the sponsors. The speakers were all interesting and it was very valuable to see what others big names are doing inside.

Of course, there were some problems. In fact, only one: the lunches. Maybe we were all hungry of maybe the organizers thought we were all on a diet but on the first day, the sushis were scarce. And on the second day, we add a lot of green but not that much of proteins.

But the pauses were filled with sweets and coffee and only a few steps could make you find passionate attendees :)

The venue was gorgeous and the wifi, while glitchy a few times, hold strong.

As an iOS developer, I was impressed by GenyMotion, please to hear that we weren't that far from Twitter best practices. It was hard to spend those two days without seeing at least one talk from Parse and the opening keynote from Microsoft hit the bull's eye on what to change the perception non-Windows developers can have of Microsoft.

A very lively conf, leading to one question: when will there be an iOSCon ? :)