bad programming is like farting in the elevator

September 13, 2011

after 6 months of “corporate programming”, one advice: each time you see yourself struggling between good code and fast code (which can be the same but, ah ah, yeah, right), just remember that you are doing exactly the same as hesitating to fart in the elevator.

you can reach your floor without anyone joining you, and the doors might open on nothing else than the blue carpet on the floor. and then you're the lucky guy.

but most of the time, what happens ? everything goes right until your floor, where your manager (or worst, the hot girl from the marketing department) is right in front of you, willing to enter and then, in the twinkling of an eye (or of a nose), understand what kind of a filthy pig you are.

yes my friend, remember this picture next time you hesitate between good code and fast code.